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The Story of My Lifetime
Having served for more then 30 years in Tourism, they call me a Tourism-Dino. Why?
Because I am 59 years old? Because I kept Taprobane, Serendib, Ceylon, Sri Lanka since then in my heart ?
Since 1973 I am exploring my paradise ! Sri Lanka for new items, new archeology.
New hot spots! New discoveries! For me. But merely for my clientele!
I am, as you call it, a small touroperator.

And what is a small touroperator?
Well, someone, who loves his destination, who cares for his destination.
No matter what happens. And that for more than 30 years.
I have brought more than 16,000 clients to Sri Lanka. After Tsunami and present country situation the figures drop by 90%. But from November 2008 with my new motto " Back to Ceylon " hope to bounce back.

I brought them from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
I brought them to my paradise since 1973. Up to 2008. My last clients just left the Island By Sri Lankan flight UL…. Thru. London to Amsterdam.

Since 1987 Mr. Shelton de Alwis of Asian Wings was my loyal, sincere honest partner, buddy and my incoming angel receiving all my clients who also helped me with Mr. Ahmed Mahir Didi / Director of Universal Resorts, Republic of Maldives.

This year, in 2008, I took my daughter and my wife with me. Because my agent would take me to the VEDDHA COUNTRY.

What? The Veddha’s? (Aborigines) early settlers in Paradise Island of Ceylon I said. Why did I never have the chance and come and see these people before?
Anyway, in september 2008 we travelled all the way to this mistique place of Mahiyangana. In the middle of no-where. No-where-land.
Hundreds of miles away from civilisation.

The Rest House over looking the beautiful Mahaweli River. Not a luxury Deluxe Hotel but a Inn simple, homley atmosphere comfortable, clean rooms, excellent food and very friendly staff. Dream for every traveller which is a new discovery.

This small place in no-where-land is the last hide-out for the last and remaining race, the Veddha’s at Dabana.
Ever a tribe which hunted and lived in his own environments.

Nowadays hardly being focussed.
And therefore I greatly express my sincere gratitude to my agent, Shelton of Asian Wings.
He made this voyage to the Veddha Village possible.
I urgenly advice to go and see this last refuge of the Veddha Community, yourself help them and not exploit and do it, before it is too late.

Finally I sincerely hope that the governement of Sri Lanka and all people involved will also keep an eye on this last race of civilisation, the Veddha Community.

Bernd Michael Schötz
( Back to Ceylon )

Shelton, Bernd, Didi